Saturday, February 13, 2010

Would you like a sandwich??

Yesterday I walked into my children"s bathroom and saw this...
I had given K a couple pieces of bread to snack on. Actually, I had offered to make him a sandwich but he just grabbed the bread and took off. If you know K he doesn't take his time when eating anything. So instead of making him sit at the table I let him run off, assuming  he would eat it quickly. HOWEVER, apparently he had to use the potty and put the bread down to use it. I choose to look at the positive and I was happy to see it sitting there on the back of the potty. That means he didn't use the potty while holding his bread....GOOD JOB K!! As you can tell once he was finished he was off and running again leaving his bread behind. 

So the next time you come to my house and find food in odd places, chances are it was K who left it there...

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