Saturday, May 15, 2010

a FREE Saturday

I cannot tell you when the last "free" Saturday we had was. It has been too long. I did a little reading this morning and we've spent the day relaxing by the pool, swimming, watching movies, enjoying the rain, and baking cookies.
They had a flour fight in the kitchen. Matt's mom taught him, when he was a little boy, how to make amazing chocolate chip cookies. Matt has enjoyed baking with K. I know it's not the traditional thing.......but it is the sweetest thing to watch!!
LOVE this man!!
Making a mess
The girls get to enjoy it too!!
No naps today...K was wiped out!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day trip to the Fort Worth Zoo

I cannot begin to tell you how nice it has been to have a week off of school to enjoy time as a family. It's been quite at our home, most of the college kids went home for a week (or the summer) after finals. We had a chance to go to the zoo and a couple of friends were able to join us. They love our kids and make us laugh. Brett and Brittany are regulars at our home during the semester. Here are some pics...

Brett didn't get very far before L asked for a ride
K wanted a better view bet didn't want to leave the comfort of his stroller...Matt obliged.
Brett was nice enough to take a pic. Normally I am the photographer...thanks Brett!
The bird exhibit was pretty cool. The kids bought sticks with PB on them and fed the birds. As you can tell from the pics I did NOT go in. But the kids did great!!
The birds were so pretty. H wasn't sure at first but she warmed right up!!

Group Shot (minus the photographer)
It is still a miracle if we get a good shot of ALL 3 kiddos.
Normally one is looking away. This wasn't too bad...
But K wasn't looking so Matt took away his distraction. But he got upset so Matt gave it back...too late!
Then we got this lovely picture:)
Apparently being carried around on shoulders is exhausting....
Next week we are going to Glen Rose and the Aquarium!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little bit of family QT

With a week off of school we had some free time and finally made it downtown to walk around. It was a beautiful morning and the kids were able to enjoy running around while we went downtown Ft Worth.

First we went to the Ft Worth Water Gardens. It was so relaxing and the kids (especially K) were in love with the waterfalls.
Across the street from the water gardens is the OMNI Hotel. Matt and I are going to stay there for a nigh in a couple of week for a little overnight getaway...just the two of us:)
 I love that God provided me with a husband who is a Godly man with a sense of humor!!

After we finished walking around the water gardens we went west to the heart of downtown to look in all the boutiques. We found all kinds of little treasures and some great places for future date nights!

I love old buildings. There is just something about them that I find inspiring. I think I need to invest in a nicer camera...maybe I'll add it to my wish list:) H loves to have her picture taken. L does too but she rarely slows down long enough for me to take one!! My kiddos are such a blessing to me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Students Who Don't Do Anything

For our Western Civ Lecture class we had to do a student project of a time line from Early Antiquity to the fall of the Roman Empire. We decided on a Veggie Tales theme. Here are some pictures form our video shoot...
One of our props
Me and Brit as Pirates (who don't do anything)
Kevin drew a tattoo of our prof's name...nice!
Our Group pictures....Arggggh
We had so much fun putting this together   AND   we earned an A...let's face it...that's what matters!!