Friday, May 14, 2010

Day trip to the Fort Worth Zoo

I cannot begin to tell you how nice it has been to have a week off of school to enjoy time as a family. It's been quite at our home, most of the college kids went home for a week (or the summer) after finals. We had a chance to go to the zoo and a couple of friends were able to join us. They love our kids and make us laugh. Brett and Brittany are regulars at our home during the semester. Here are some pics...

Brett didn't get very far before L asked for a ride
K wanted a better view bet didn't want to leave the comfort of his stroller...Matt obliged.
Brett was nice enough to take a pic. Normally I am the photographer...thanks Brett!
The bird exhibit was pretty cool. The kids bought sticks with PB on them and fed the birds. As you can tell from the pics I did NOT go in. But the kids did great!!
The birds were so pretty. H wasn't sure at first but she warmed right up!!

Group Shot (minus the photographer)
It is still a miracle if we get a good shot of ALL 3 kiddos.
Normally one is looking away. This wasn't too bad...
But K wasn't looking so Matt took away his distraction. But he got upset so Matt gave it back...too late!
Then we got this lovely picture:)
Apparently being carried around on shoulders is exhausting....
Next week we are going to Glen Rose and the Aquarium!!

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