Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's Snow Place Like Home

Here in Texas we find the weatherman laughable. Poor guy. The weather here is constantly changing and it is all he can do to keep up with the changes. We hear of snow or sun in the forecast and instead of planning around what he says will happen...we wait. We never put coats away for summer or shorts away in the winter. One day it's 72 and sunny, the next day it's 23 and snowing (no joke, this happened on Christmas eve).
So, when the meteorologist made his forecast of snow for today many of us rolled our eyes and did our homework anyway because we know what most Texans know. The weatherman is almost always wrong (no offense to weather's not you, it's Texas). This morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow and I apologized to the TV as the weatherman even seemed surprised he was right!! L went to school as usual (the FTW ISD almost never has snow days). Matt dropped her off then called me on his way to class. The radio informed him SWBTS was closed for the day. I don't know if this is a sign of immaturity or if I just was excited to actually spend the day with my husband but I was super excited!!!  I went out my door (apartments) and yelled..."SCHOOL IS CLOSED TODAY WOO HOO"!!!! I went back inside before anyone could see me but, I'm sure they knew who it was and muttered to themselves "crazy californian" ...ha ha! Oh well, I had fun doing it!
By noon we picked L up from school (they had early release due to the snow). It has already snowed 7 inches and it is supposed to snow until midnight. FTW ISD and SWBTS are closed tomorrow too! It's been a huge blessing to spend the extra time with Matt (though are "free" time looks nothing like it used to).
Here are some pictures from this morning...
Once Kevin heard me say "it is snowing" he jumped out of bed and ran down the hall. 
 the weather man was right...
First thing this morning...2 inches of snow.
Our little Eskimo.
Our neighbor, Augusta (from Nigeria) made this 
beret for H's birthday. She is attempting to sit in her "snow chair".

Noah was a better fit. (neighbor friends)
Seminary Wives!! (I'm the only one who is also a student) I love these Ladies!!
Once L got home from school she and the other neighborhood kiddos (along with some dads) made this HUGE bunny rabbit...It's about 6-7 ft tall.
Trying to show how BIG the bunny is!!! 

**Quick update**
H and K will start full time 8-3 school this next week. They are so excited to start!!

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