Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did your picture "make it" ???

Our dining room table had seen better days. It was a gift from a sweet friend but her dogs had chewed the table legs a little and there were several large stains on the top (appeared to be paint). I thought about sanding down the table and re-staining it but who has time for that?!
I wanted to "save" the table and make it our own. After some thought I decided to make it into a family heirloom. It is not fancy or expensive but it will hold some precious memories of our family for years to come.


I went through a HUGE pile of pictures from the past 10 Years and found some really great ones. Once I picked out the pictures that I was going to use and began by gluing them onto the table top (i pulled the table apart so we can still make the table smaller if we need to). Then I began with the Mod Podge ...I LOVE this stuff!! I still have about 10 layers to go, then some water sanding to the surface. Once my project is complete Our table will hold our memories for years to come...
My little helpers.
Waiting for the table to dry...

Almost finished....I just need to apply 10 more coats!!


  1. that is such a cute idea it:) you are so creative

  2. How neat! Please take another picture when you are all finished. We will have to come by and see it sometime.

  3. very cool! so impressed!!!