Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you Chapel Hill Academy!!

L goes to CHA and loves it. Her teacher is amazing and they have so much fun every day! The community loves CHA too and local businesses donate free passes and fun things for families. I get e-mails every week that ask if I want to be put in for the item of the week. This past week L's name was picked and we were given 6 passes to the North Richland Hills pro hockey game. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to go. It was something Matt and I had hoped to do while living here in Ft Worth. Here are some of the highlights...
K sat through the game so well! This was the first sporting event we have been to as a family that we could ALL sit and watch. Normally Matt would watch and I would entertain K. 
Our neighbor spent the weekend with us. The girls had so much fun.
K was given a Brahma hockey puck...pretty cool!!
H enjoyed most of the game on Daddy's lap.

We were all excited to get to see the big game. I knew it would be action packed and loved the music, but I was surprised at how much fighting went on. There were 5 fights in all and after the first fight we joined the crowd and cheered for our guys! Of course our sweet L has a tender heart and cried once when a fight went on a little longer than the rest. Here is a taste of what we saw...

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  1. Nathan is interested in hearing more about how this works. You receive an e-mail and put in for it. Can you give us any more details than this. Possibly send us a copy of the e-mail???? This sounds like something he would like to incorporate in the academy he teaches at. Ruff Riders just sent us a letter about season tickets so Nathan took it to the Director and asked him to talk to them about doing something for the academy.