Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imagination Station...

Our 7 year old, L, loves to draw. She is always coloring or doodling on paper (sometimes my important papers). She has nightly homework this year in 1st grade but she really enjoys it! Most of the time it involes her two favorite subjects. Mathematics and Art. Here is here latest homework assignment.
Although she was in a hurry to complete her homework last night, so she could watch the Olympic,s she did a great job! As you can tell from the picture Matt recently grew a beard! However, our car is red and Matt was quick to point out he does NOT wear purple. It was funny to see the way she would prefer to get to school. It looks like she tried to write GIRAFFE but she changed her mind.

What's better than riding a giraffe to school?

A piggyback ride to school on daddy!

I am so happy she loves her daddy...

apparently her sweet teacher Ms.Knot liked it too!

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  1. Matt with a beard huh?? I want to see pics of that