Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can you read that? No? Hmm.....

Today my eye doctor prescribed what I was hoping he would not... a change from reading glasses to more full time wear with a stronger prescription. Here at SWBTS I read anywhere from 400-750 pages per week and spend a lot of time on my computer completing research or writing papers. Since school began a couple of weeks ago I have been having headaches (in my temples and behind my eyes) and I've been very nauseous. My first reaction is probably the same as most young married women who become nauseous for days on I expecting?? I am happy to say that I am NOT. I thought it might have something to do with my vision. Mostly because my symtoms were exsaserbated (sp?) when studying or in classes.

With all that said I did go today and get my new glasses ordered. I'm happy they had a BIG sale and I was able to score some really cute BEBE glasses. Did you know you can use coupons to buy glasses?? Nice! They look a little like the ones pictured above. I was happy about my choice and was excited to tell L about my new eye wear. However, I didn't realize my news would bring her to tears!!
I picked L up from school and told her about my day and she started crying. I was puzzled by her reaction. I kept quiet as I drove hoping she would let me into her world and share with me why she was crying. She wiped her tears and looked up to say, "Mom, I don't like it when you wear your glasses because it doesn't look like you. I haven't said anything because I know they help you see and you only wear them sometimes. But, now you're going to wear them all the time and I'll never get to see your face again." WOW, I was not prepared for that. I had no idea she felt that way. On the drive home we continued our conversation and I agreed to spend 30 min a day w/out my glasses. I also reassured her that even though I don't look the same it's still me...

   ...and just in case she wants to see the "real" me I promised all she had to do was ask and I will take my glasses off and hug her tight. I love that girl. She is so sweet and full of life. Never afraid of what others think and is always looking for ways to help. She wears her heart on her sleeve. I wonder where she picked up that trait?

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  1. The picture didn't show up. We will have to wait and see the real thing. Maybe L will change her mind when she sees these on you.