Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A $20 Investment

I recently purchased $20 worth of McDonald valentines...for my kids to enjoy. When I first heard this offer I figured there was probably some kind of catch, but there wasn't. AND I know it's JUST McDonald's, but when money is tight and you need time to study what better place to go? The one on Hulen is amazing. It's 4 times bigger than any McDonald's I had ever been in. Each coupon book (purchased for $1) contains 12 FREE items off the dollar menu! They were a great deal. So, for my $20 investment we have $240 in FREE food/treats for my kiddos and our neighborhood friends. I told the kids every time we go we can pick a friend to bring along...possibly even bring some friends from their classes for some outreach. Apparently, they have a promotion like this several times a year. Next time I'll post about it BEFORE time runs out to buy them!

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  1. very cool I wonder if our do these kinda deals??