Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wii love Bunnie...

Most of you know who I am referring to. And for those of you who don't, allow me to introduce you. Bunnie's "real" name is Barbara. She has attended every birthday party (since we met her in 2005) and calls us weekly. She refers to herself as our "backup" grandma and we call her Bunnie (pronounced Bunny). Why that name? When we first met her L (age 3) was given the responsibility of coming up with a name to address both Barbara and her husband Bob. Mr and Mrs Clark were to formal, but grandpa and grandma might offend others. L came up with Bunnie and Pockey and the names stuck.
As I mentioned before, she has come (across town or across the country) to every birthday and this year is no exception. H will be celebrating her 5th birthday this Tuesday.

L worked hard on a welcome sign that we posted in the guest room....
And this evening was spent teaching Bunnie what a Wii is and how to play it. I must say I was impressed!! She was great and loved to play Wii you can tell she was very serious!!
Lord, Thank you for providing us with a wise woman who loves our children. Her desire to see them grow in their faith is evident as I see her spending time with them. She is such a wonderful gift!

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