Monday, January 25, 2010

What goes best with a MANLY shirt?

A logical answer would be: A pair of rugged hiking boots or a mustache or maybe even a good pair of jeans. However K had a different answer...MAKEUP. AND lots of it!! While K was SUPPOSED to be napping he up got into L's dress-up makeup (a CHRISTmas gift) and proceeded to cover not only himself and his MANLY shirt but also his bed, carpet and walls. Impressed? I was!! Considering he managed to do this in the 3 minutes since I had checked on him. My friend Dodie made a good least it was just makeup and not something else (ie permanent marker or bodily stuff...GROSS)!

Note to self: From now on keep ALL makeup put away OUT of K's reach!!

As you can tell daddy had to discipline our little man for disobeying Mommy (and playing in makeup)! Notice the tube of lipstick on the back of the potty : )

Lord, Thank you for my little man. Thank you for his curious and fun spirit. Help me to see things through his eyes and enjoy this time of adventure and wonder with him.

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