Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fancy Schmancy

We are LOVING our new home here in Fort Worth. We live in off campus student housing. It is exactly what we need for this stage of our life. There are so many kids running around playing. Families outside visiting and encouraging each other. It is a 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment (we live upstairs). Most importantly our perception of things has changed greatly over the past few year. Several years ago I would have cringed at the thought of living in an old apartment. Now I can see the Lord's provision for my family and am excited to call this place our home. We unpacked quickly and already feel like we've been here for months. OK enough about us...on with the tour!!

Here is the view when you come into our front door

The living room is to the left and to the right is our dining room and kitchen.
Try not to covet our SWEET dining room chairs.

This is our table of pictures. Being away from home is always hard. If you don't see your picture, it's because we don't have one. Please send us a family picture (any size) and send it to us. We would like to fill our hallway with pictures of family and friends. Send them to: 5612 James Ave #203b Fort Worth, TX 76134

Check out this cool plaque we picked up while we were in Mexico (Dec 09). It says "God bless our home"..

We hope you enjoyed the tour. If you want to see more then schedule a visit!! We have a guest room...just saying. Have a great TUESDAY people!!

Thank you Lord for providing just what we need here at Southwestern. Every good and perfect gift comes from you!!

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