Monday, January 18, 2010

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White CHRISTmas

A few weeks prior to our move to Texas it snowed. Now, normally it only snows once or twice a year. So our kiddos were pretty bummed when they heard the news. Expecting that that was THE snow of winter and they had missed it. But as you can see that was not the case. On the eve of CHRISTmas Eve it was a balmy 74 degrees outside. While watching the news that night the meteorologist predicted a chance of snow for the following day. I said YEAH RIGHT and went to bed. The next morning it was FREEZING!! Seriously, it was 26 degrees on my last minute trip to wal-mart. But no precipitation in sight. BUT when I finished my shopping and headed for the car it WAS snowing. It snowed from 10am to 8 that evening. We loved it (although we had friends that made the 2 hr drive to Abilene that day and it took them 8 hrs...I bet they didn't appreciate that)!! It was so cold that night that we did have a white CHRISTmas. The first one on record for the Fort Worth area.

Thank you Lord for allowing us the desires of our hearts, no matter how small or mundane. And allowing us to see the joy in our children as they played in the snow that YOU created. Our CHRISTmas mornings are always special only because of your gift to us.

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