Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update on K-man

God has been ever present in our journey to help our little guy. In the past few weeks we have learned that his speech issues are medically related and not (PTL) learning disabilities. We have already met with several doctors and he is scheduled for surgery in early June. This could not have come at a better time. He begins therapy this week and we are praying, with therapy, he will progress quickly. Here are some recent pics of our silly guy. He brings us lots of laughs!!!
Thank you to all of you have called us and encouraged us these past few months. Walking in obedience to God's call on our lives has been both the biggest blessing and the biggest challenge we have ever faced. However, few people in this country get to truly walk by faith...and we get to! We are excited about what God has for us this summer and the work he is doing in the lives of our children. 

**I know this update is a little vague (due to the public forum). If you want a more detailed update just call me:)

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