Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let me tell you how this ends ... the treadmill won

As some of you know, I am training for my first marathon. This past week I began my training schedule and today was my "long run" day. The distance was set for 6 miles. But when I woke up to rain/snow I decided I'd better hold off until tomorrow. I am an outdoor runner. The treadmill is intimidating and I like to set my own pace and enjoy my run (while still challenging myself). I know myself well and thought, "if I don't do it today chances are I won't do it at all." So I set off for the RAC to run on the treadmill. I had a quick warm up and was running for a short while. I had just passed the 1 mile mark and was cruising along. Thinking, daydreaming. It's why I enjoy running. I get to think things over and spend time with the Lord.

So, as you can imagine, I am running at a 7 mph pace and next thing I know I am running on my knees!! I caught myself on the way down (I don't remember much because I must have been daydreaming but I have a bruise on my arm where I caught myself). My left knee was still dragging on the treadmill. Once I finally righted myself I had the bright idea to pull the emergency off magnet (duh). It probably lasted all of 4 seconds but no one came to my rescue...I am hoping that means no one saw me or maybe they couldn't ask if I was okay without laughing. Either way I caught my breath, looked at my bloody knee, and grabbed my stuff. Matt and the kids were playing b-ball so he grabbed my some ice and we went home.

I can now say without hesitation that:
a) I am clumsy
b) I am officially an outdoor runner
c) I am thankful I was not really injured, just a flesh wound
and finally...
d) my knee may heal in a couple of days but deflated ego may not (this is why I hate going to the gym)

Here is my treadmill battle scar. Feel free to laugh along with me (I wish I could have seen it myself. I'm sure it was graceful) and post a comment if you have a funny gym or treadmill story!!

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