Sunday, March 21, 2010

from the playground to eternity

Matt and I have a fun story of how we fell in love, but I'll save that for another time (maybe I'll post about it this summer when we celebrate our 10th anniversary). This fall we will have known each other 20 years!! Here is something fun I found today while doing some spring cleaning...
For those of you who did not grow up in Paso Robles, Ca. Matt and I attended Pat Butler Elementary School the year it first opened (1990-91 school year Matt and I were in 4th grade). This was the 5th grade "yearbook." I remember sitting on the planters out in the sun, passing these around. I probably wrote something similar in each one. When I came upon Matt's today I opened it up to see if I had signed it and I HAD!! Here it is...
Wow. It is so cool to see God's sovereign plan, even way back in 5th grade:)

I love you Matty!!!

On a side note. 

Thanks mom for letting me walk out the door with a Donald Trump comb over and a tye die pink shirt. 

I also, apparently, didn't realize I could just add and E and an ' and make YOUR into YOU'RE...genius.

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  1. How fun! Nathan & I don't have a history like this but we are making one. He lived here in Abilene until he went to UT. I have items like this in my treasures but they don't have Nathan's name on them. Thankfully they don't have anybody else's really either.